Church Life - Articles

Article Title: Vision

Subject category: Devotion

Description: The Church's vision.

Worship is the offering of ourselves to God to be followers of Jesus in the world.

Part of our worship includes meeting together to sing praise to our God, consider the teaching of the Bible and encounter the Holy Spirit.

The church has four purposes:

  1. We seek to create an environment where people feel they belong.
  2. We wish people to feel welcome, that they matter and feel at ease and that they are able to participate in the life of the church.

  3. We seek to provide opportunity for growth in faith.
  4. We do this through reading the Bible and seeking to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in all parts of our lives: home, work and leisure.

  5. We seek to encourage people to discover their gifts.
  6. Each person has unique gifts, passions, skills, personality and experience. We aim to enable people to discover their specific role as a disciple of Jesus.

  7. We seek to be a people who are good news in word and action to our communities.
  8. Jesus's message was one of good news to the poor, healing of the sick, freedom from oppression and a calling of people to follow him.

Aim: To remind Christians that they are called to be disciples.

Description: Discipleship

To remind Christians that they are called to be disciples. To encourage members to commit to lifelong discipleship. To mobilise the church for ministry and mission.

6 January
Theme - The Disciple Making Church
Text - Matthew 28:16-20; The Commission
13 January
Theme - The Called Disciple
Text - Mark 3:13-18; The First Disciples
20 January
Theme - The Obedient Disciple
Text - Mark 8:31-38; Take Up Your Cross
27 January
Theme - The Sacrificial Disciple
Text - Matthew 8:18-22; Foxes Have Holes
3 February
Theme - The Adventurous Disciple
Text - Matthew 14:22-33; Walking on Water
10 February
Theme - The Fruitful Disciple
Text - John 15:1-8; One True Vine
17 February
Theme - The Sent Disciple
Text - Luke 9:1-9; The 12 Sent Out
24 February
Holiday Club   
3 March 
Theme - The Active Disciple
Text - Matthew 9:35-38; Few Workers
10 March
Theme -  The Servant Disciple
Text - John 13:1-17; Washing Feet
17 March
Theme - The Prayerful Disciple
Text - Matthew 6:5-14; Teach Us to Pray
24 March
Theme -The Failed Disciple
Text - Mark 14:66-72; The Denial
31 Easter Sunday
Theme - The Baptised Disciple
Text - Luke 3:21-37; Baptism of Jesus.

Article Title: Prayer and Reflection

Subject category: Reference and Information

Description: Resources for Prayer and Reflection.

Many people find the practice of spending regular time in prayer and reflection helpful. This will include a time of reading a section of the bible, reflecting upon it and prayer. There are number of websites which can help with this. Here are few: