Other Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Baptist Church?

Baptist Churches have been around for 300 years. They are one of the mainline Christian denominations and are members of Churches Together in England. There is no one distinguishing feature of being a Baptist, as we share some characteristics with other Christian groups.

If you would like to know more about Baptist Churches then, visit: the Baptist Union of Great Britain website.

I'd like to have my baby baptised / christened?

In the Baptist Church we baptise people by immersing them in water when they are old enough to confess their own belief in Jesus. Therefore, we do not baptise babies.

We do, however, have a service of blessing where parents are able to give thanks for their child and ask Godís blessing and help in bringing up their child. If you would like more information about this service give the church a call on 020 8699 3581.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code at the church. At Perry Rise we are very informal and we encourage people to wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Casual wear is normal.